Getting account moderated every hour after mass uploading decals

So, recently I decided to try making my own custom video in ROBLOX which works by rapidly switching decals. I started off with 500 frames (which is a really bad idea) to see how much I could really do.

Then, my account got moderated for some of the decals which weren’t even bad (possibly ROBLOX moderation bots have been triggered). This would of been completely fine and I just called off the project but the problem is that, I have realised that ROBLOX is now litterally giving me a warning every single hour, which can lead up to a ban.

Does anyone know what I should do?

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report the moderations as incorrect, use roblox’s support website

I was once banned for 1 day because I uploaded a texture (with “explicit content”) even though the image was a mostly grey roughness map with nothing within the image

Roblox has an automatic system that is more often than not, wrong
A roblox support member answered back to me and removed the ban from my accounts history in less than 10 hours

Also just be more careful, the more things you upload the higher chance you will be flagged

Thats going to be a-lot of decals to appeal…
I litterally can only appeal one at a time on their support website…

Well I know its not well to say but, its too late

If you are lucky your support person will understand the situation and will help you out

Hey @thebigreeman. How are you?

Yikes, that is not good news from what I can understand. Sometimes, when it comes to automatic moderation, it can be broken and lead to warnings that can heavily affect your account.

The resolution would be contacting Roblox Customer Support on their website as Moderation → Appeal Content. While filling up the Asset ID input (for which you can only submit one ID) and sending your appeal to Roblox, you can reply to their automated response for further information, sending the rest of the decals that are in the content deleted state.

ROBLOX thank god sent a real moderator this time and not one of those moderation bots which happen like 90% with all moderation appeals and stuff, the difference with a bot and a real person is that they actually understand my question instead of sending back the same copied and pasted result of “This content is not allowed on ROBLOX” without actually doing any actions. I managed to delete all 500 frames and get all my moderation actions removed.

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thats very rare for roblox support

next time do it on alt account you were super lucky this time!