Getting an object to follow a path

Hello developers! Today I need help your with something interesting,


I’m working on an animation, and in order for this to work, I need both the camera and an object to follow a path I set for them. Since Roblox doesn’t have these kinds of objects for us to use (that I know of), and I can’t manage to get bezier curves working using the wiki, I’m stuck. I want to continue animating, but this roadblock is hard to pass. I managed to get a pseudo-bezier script working, but it’s choppy. A quick note however, I’m too far in the animation to suddenly switch to an animation program like Maya or Blender.

If anyone has a system I can use to get objects to follow paths easily like this, I’d appreciate it immensely. Otherwise, if you have any input which may be of use, feel free to share! I’ve provided the code I’m using below, in case you’d like to take a look.

Thanks again!

If you setup a camera part called “Cam” and 20 objects in a path called “CamBezier”, and press play (and also press 1), you’ll see what I mean by “choppy”.

Unfortunately I don’t have ROBLOX working on this computer so it’s kinda hard for me to debug your code and see what’s actually up. However, if it isn’t an issue with how you’re stepping every frame and it is actually your positioning formula, you could use some code @crazyman32 wrote a while back.
I still have no idea how his code works, but hey, it works well.

I use this plugin