Getting and using HTML from a website?

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I’m currently looking to take some HTML from my games’ page and use it to determine whether the version is current or old, how would I go about this?

The only real “blatant” instance I’ve seen of it was in one of my acquaintance’s places, here.
I’ve tried doing some research but haven’t found anything.
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You can use RequestAsync with the method specified as GET. Keep in mind you can’t directly request data from the Roblox website, so you’d need to use a proxy.


Does this require an external server?
It seems you can request a new proxy via Studio.

Yes, this requires an external server. You can just use someone else’s server if you aren’t worried about the potential of your requests being intercepted and used for malicious purposes, and don’t need to guarantee 24/7 uptime. The most popular one is


I am there but I can’t seem to find anything regarding a game page, I found catalog, but don’t see anything regarding a game’s website, could you help with that?. Sorry, haven’t done anything like this before.

I am on the game’s website but I can’t get to just the basic HTML, such as what’s shown here, for example.

This may be done best with PHP and not html and you would need to json encode

This is some example code from w3schools regarding PHP that you can look into to get you started, I copy pasted the code since I am unsure if outside links are allowed, so if you want to learn more, copy and paste the code into google and I’m sure it’ll pop up.

<?php $age = array("Peter"=>35, "Ben"=>37, "Joe"=>43); echo json_encode($age); ?>
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Further, since I didn’t mention, when you use your get request, you will need to json_decode in the game server to parse the results

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