Getting Distance to a Part Using a Ray

Currently, I’m working on a building system, and I have an issue where I’m raycasting in order to detect which section of the build grid I hit. However, in order to not lag too much when using, I created only a few parts. However, I need to get the distance between the hit part, and the ray’s origin. This is an issue because:

A. Using the magnitude of the part will return the distance to the center
B. I need to calculate the endpoint of the ray as to where it was hit, but I’m unsure of how to do this
C. I simply need to know someway to get what point in the ray was there a part

Any help is appreciated!

This will give you the distance from where the Ray started, to where it hit.
If the ray does not hit something, the RayResult will be nil.


This did work. However, I still have some confusion. Why does this not return the center of the part?

It will return the Position of where the Ray hit, if you want the center of a part, just do part.Position

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So rayResult doesn’t use the Instance’s properties, It just returns a point of where the ray hit?

These are what is returned in the RayResult

RaycastResult.Position would be where the Ray hit the part, if it did hit the part.

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