Getting edit notifications for topics being unlisted

Description: when certain topics I’ve visited become locked and unlisted, it appears in my feed as an edit notification. I assume this is a bug since the notification settings for these topics remain Normal, not Tracking or Watching.

When it started happening: roughly a few months ago.

Screenshot of the bug: an example of instances in my current feed, author usernames and irrelevant notifications redacted.

Steps to reproduce the issue: not doing anything on my end aside from reading topics, usually not even long enough to automatically switch to Tracking notifications.


Did you flag the posts? You get notified when a post you previously flagged is edited and taken out of the hidden state, so you can check and flag it again if the user is abusively re-editing their post.

Mmm you’re right, I didn’t realize topics are correlated by having flagged them.

Although, of the three examples in my screenshot the “Regular rank Feedback” topic remained unedited at the time of unlisting.

There was an incident recently where a user attempted to completely change the subject of their topic after being flagged, but before being automatically hidden from the community. If anything I would prefer if this edit notification detected major changes to a post rather than after being dealt with by a moderator.

That’s how it works – should only trigger when you flagged the post and they edit it at all. (not if a moderator actions on the post)

Alternatively you could be getting pinged because they linked a post you wrote / name mention that they then edited out by the time you read the post.

Hi @dragonfrosting , is this still an issue for you? Please DM me specific topic links that you were notified for and I can take a look. It looks like based on the conversation above however that it might have been related to you having flagged posts before.