Getting errors for scripts not in my game?


Simply put, I am getting errors for scripts that are not in my game. I check the Error Report in analytics and see lots of errors. I’ll look for that script and wont be able to find it.

Here’s an example:


There is no script called skydive anywhere in my game, and when I check in-game there isn’t either. I did used to have a script called “Skydive” but it didn’t use C0 anywhere within.

Here’s another example:

I also can’t find this script in any of my files

The name is making me think these might be hacked clients inserting their own scripts. If so, how should I prevent this? Has anyone had experience with these ghost errors?

I heard some errors could be caused by gear brought in by other players, although roblox doesn’t seem to let me disable gear completely

Any idea what I can do about this?


You only get errors for things you put into the game or use on Roblox Studio. Check for any shady plugins, or if you have used any free models, make sure there is nothing bad inside of them. Also, you can open the script by clicking on the error and then keeping it open after stopping the game in Studio, and if you right-click on the opened script and select show in Explorer, it might show what script the error is coming from.


unfortunately, I can’t open the script as the error is on the game analytics web page. I personally haven’t experienced either of those errors before. I only have one free model that doesn’t have scripts, and the only plugin I used is f3x building tools which don’t allow script injection.

I don’t see these errors in studio, only in the errors page that shows errors any player has on the client or server, which is whats making me thinking it might be a hacker or something else.


You might have a require statement somewhere which is loading in a script from a toolbox model. Search for that string in the Find tool