Getting extremely high ping only on Roblox

Hi! One of my friends lives near Singapore and he is supposed to connect to Singapore server, but when he joins he immediately gets 295+ ms even he is in a Singapore server. He checked everything including resetting his own router but it still doesn’t work. He pinged on cmd and it showed 295+, but when he tried other sites it’s 5 ms or under. A few months ago he got the same problem until the server maintenance happened and he got his old ping back aka below 100 but recently a few days ago the problem is back, any idea how to fix it?

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Several weeks ago I hit 8000+ ping trying to play Prison Life. It was during an outage, so that seemed to be the issue. Not sure what happened here though. Did your friend try lowering the graphics, or joining a smaller server? That usually helps for me, but I know what my problem is…

My problem is having an approximately 10-year-old phone. :upside_down_face:

Yep. My friend has tried all of those to no avail.

Interesting. I’m sorry, I don’t have any idea what’s happening… I hope that it stops soon, and your friend is able to keep using the site. Let me know if either of you figure it out!

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