Getting flagged for a deleted post

I posted a comment under a post that I quickly realized was useless, so I deleted it. ~15 minutes later I get this lovely message from system telling me that my comment was flagged for spam.


That is a massive lie I literally got a post taken down from an admin that isn’t even online.

Also how do you explain this:

Ain’t no way someone seriously flagged a “post deleted by author” message

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Discourse allows for user impersonation + you don’t know if there are “appear offline” systems behind the scenes, or if the forum is currently slow. Don’t make assumptions.

I have flagged those before if they were particularly egregious before being deleted. Also, if the post is flagged before you delete it, the flag still counts.


Well no I had a post up for like 2 hours then like 15 minutes after i deleted it I got a warning. Also I just got a warning for my first response but that was probably you.

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I can assure you our forum moderators are human as I talk to them every so often. I don’t think ChatGPT has gotten that good/fast yet. :smile:

The messages they send are standardized but the actions are taken by humans.

Best not to spread assumptions as truth.


The moderator reviews the version of the post that was flagged, but the automated message after X flags has the latest version of the post. Since you mention your post wasn’t contributive before removing it, that’s likely why people flagged it. (it was flagged before you deleted it)


Idk man. Sometimes the replies I get. The lack of explanation as to exactly what it was flagged for makes me think it is a robot.

Also though I had a post pending for about 18 hours before it got approved yet within 15 minutes of a post being deleted i get a warning?

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As stated before all the messages are mostly standardized for convenience but all the moderation actions are taken by humans. This really doesn’t need debate as I work with these people in real life, you can trust me on this. :wink:


@hya123456h @O3_O2 Small clarification: note there are two kinds of messages related to moderation:

  • You get an automated message letting you know your post was flagged by the community, this doesn’t mean a moderator looked at the post yet or took any action. The flags may be false and if so the moderator will deny the flags and restore your post.
  • You get a message from a human moderator with more information on the rule you broke if the moderator ends up agreeing to the flags.

The message in first post here is of the first kind. All it means is that your post received a certain amount of flags from other forum users.