Getting "image" assets owned by player

I want to find the image assets that have been created by my account.

Problem is, theres a major difference between roblox image assets and decal assets. Images can be a variation of things, for example, everytime you upload a model, it creates a new image for the thumbnail! However, most apis will not recognise the asset type of 1 which qualifies an image. It simply returns an error. Ive also tried asset scraping, but that also wont work.

ive tried using this!/Inventory/get_v2_users_userId_inventory_assetTypeId but it returns an error.

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Well, the thing with roblox endpoints is you can’t actually get them from in studio, you would need to use a proxy. This pretty much means that studio would contact your server, and your server would contact the endpoint. Explaining how to set up one is a bit out of scope of this question, but just know there are many good explanations of it. Also, know that it involves either setting up a server with port forwarding or purchasing a cloud server. A good and simple explanation of the code side of the proxy can be found here. Keep in mind that tutorial is assuming you’re using node.js for the proxy.

Just a note, your command to access the api is also incorrect, this is how it is supposed to look,{UserId}/inventory/13?limit=100. Note that the highest amount you can get is 100 decals at a time.

Edit: After further reading your question, I just wanted to say getting images from a user doesn’t really work, and the command I’ve given used 13 which is decals which should probably work for your needs.


Actually ive been trying to find assets of the type Image or 1 which returns an error using that api.

Use itemconfiguration’s v1/creations/getassets from here, example for Image: The API can also be used for getting LocalizationTableManifests or others.