Getting logged out randomly?

I just looked at some other posts relating to this, but no answer. I just got logged out randomly. I suspect that this happens because i occasionally switch from mobile to laptop, so since i cant be on the same accounts on 2 devices at the same time, it logs the other with less recent activity out?

Can i get some clarification on this?

Did you log out from any device recently? If yes, there’s a Discourse bug that logs you out from every device while clicking the “Logout” button.

Yes because i was changing my avatar. I think it was caused by me being on multiple devices.

So, indeed, that’s the issue. You’d better mark this post or the previous one made by me as the solution so no one will think you are still wondering what is causing that issue. Don’t forget to report that on Discourse Meta, of course.

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I have marked your reply as a solution however im still hoping that a sage or someone else can fill me in why this is happening and such.