Getting my game on Top Keyword Search

Hey guys! So i have been wondering lately, how do i get my game to appear on top when people search a specific keyword this would be really helpful. My game is about space so i’d want it to pop up among the first when people seach, Space, Mars, Moon etc. etc.

How do i do this efficiently?


Well you can easily get your game on the top keyword search by either getting you game to blow up by a youtuber or advertise the game for 2k+ robux

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Honestly, not sure you can get a good answer from anybody. It is a true mystery how the Roblox search algorithm works.


So pretty much Keyword type searches are governed by your games popularity, its ranking compared to similar games/titles and if it is high enough quality. As of right now there really is no way that I know of but you always contact support to ask them if your game doesn’t reach the keyword search with a constant of 1K+ players and isn’t similar to any other games. I think it just like other sorting type methods and you just have to be select. Anyways best of luck to you and your game.


Generic words are gonna have too much competition. You need a word none of the most popular games are using. Think of a keyword, search it, if there are no results, or only a few or mostly starter Places with few visits, then it might be a good keyword for your game. Problem is, it has to be a word that applies to your game and that someone might search for or you won’t get a click-through anyway. Also unfortunately it seems to me the search algorithm doesn’t factor in word order or even combinations for multiple word searches(or if it does, it does a terrible job at it), so it needs to be a single unique word.

Search for ‘FBO’ and you’ll likely find my game, but who the heck knows what an FBO is on Roblox? I’ll tell you, not many. Search for ‘airplane’ and you will never find it, ever.

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Roblox will search all the games with the keyword on its title and genre, try using an original name including the keyword. Also, most famous games with the word on its title or genre will show up first.

Late reply, but 2k robux wont affect anything.