Getting no response regarding Copyright

I’m working on a music game and am trying to upload music which is getting caught by the automated copyright detection system. It’s correct that it’s being caught, but I’ve been hired by the copyright owner and have permission to upload it.

According to this - Questions about music copyright - I need to contact with the subject “Licensed Music” to resolve this. I did that five days ago and got a ticket number, but am not receiving any human responses.

I’ve also tried contact general Roblox support, but I don’t think they’re really reading the content of my messages. They just send links to articles on how to integrate music in your game. The people at Audible Magic (who operate the auto detection software) were not able to help either.

Has anybody been through this and had a successful resolution? Can anybody offer me some advice on what to do next?

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DevRel are the only people who can help in this matter, where they verify the sound/music source all that can be done is to contact them again, or possibly wait as you have tried all available options

Sometimes i receive off-topic response too, but i usually use the support feature again to explain my issue deeply for a reliable response

well customer support has helped me some times but in the ratio
which is, annoying

Went through everything, and just-
I wasn’t expecting this kind of support system from clients, and i am very sorry for what happened with your account
With this new stance, i say that you might be able to use that music/sound afterall @SeanOfEarth as it would be a mess
Best of luck

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Sorry, do you mean I won’t be able to use that music?

Unfortunately, yes
You have not lost all chances though u can rely upon DevRel to do something
If they dont, i guess its better to use no-copyright music

ROBLOX automation always sees keywords then send articles. Contact Developer Relations not ROBLOX support is terrible atm and needs fixing.

You must understand covid-19 causes delays.

I don’t think my client will take it nicely that Roblox are stopping them from using their own music!

I am sorry for all the hardwork regarding this :confused:
Unfortunately devs can’t do anything much regarding copyright issues

Roblox Support cannot help you with this issue. It is explicitly mentioned in all instances of music copyright announcements that you need to contact Developer Relations. Just wait a bit for them to get back to you, or you can forward a message to the Developer Engagement Team here on the Developer Forum for more information on how to proceed with the copyright issues.

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Thanks. How do I add a message here they’ll see?

Go to and click ‘Message’