Getting no sales and robux from bugged bundles

Hello, since a few days, a third of approved bundles appear with a content deleted image.
When we analyze the content, we discover that it is the costume that causes everything else to bug because the rest is displayed correctly.In addition, when we put our bundles on sale, they are purchasable but the sales are not visible to us.
I recently tested with a friend who bought two of my bundles with the buggy content deleted image, he bought it because he owns them but on my side I did not receive any robux or sales.I checked in real time while he was shopping and found that the sales were skipped.

This is the first time I can say that Roblox is scamming us.
I know it’s an accident but during this time, there are hundreds of people who must have bought my bundle without me knowing.
Only my bundles with the visible and normal image appear in my recent sales.

Look at the date of my screenshots, you will understand that White Living Phone sales do not appear. Only the Living Phone appears.

Here the links of my bugged bundles :

Here is the screenshot which shows @Denetroll 's recent purchases, thank you for taking the risk for this bug report :

You can check for yourself, he has my bundles but there is no proof of purchase in our summaries.

Expected behavior

I expect my sales to be shown for both bundles + fixing the content deleted image on my bundles.

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Never seen this before. Wtf? Hope it gets fixed quick