Getting notified of an old topic when turned on Watching First Post

I get notified of old topics, I got notified of a topic which is made at August 25th, 2022 and It was made by @Danielhoteaale

It started happening at March 11th 2023, at 7:12 PM in the UAE

It came on this topic MultiStats - An easy to use saving leaderboard


  1. Turn on Watching First Post at any category or subcategory
  2. Wait for a while (might take months)
  3. You should be getting a notification that has :bell: containing 1 at the center and next to it, it’s the topic name, click on it and the date is at the top corner of the topic page

I updated the topic, that’s probably why it happened

uuhhh Discourse states that Watching First Post notifies you when a new topic in a certain category or subcategory is created


I’m not sure then… It could just be a bug then

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Not a bug, it was moved from a different category to this category. Working as intended.


uuhh why does discourse say that it will notify you when a “new topic is created” in that category

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