Getting pictures of models?

In games like pet simulator you can see all the possible pets you can get Ex:

so my question is how do they get those pictures? I assume its similar to getting the picture of a players character but idk.


There is a way to get model thumbnails, here is the correct format:[model id here, no brackets]

If you want to get a picture of a model without uploading it then you can use a ViewportFrame, read about how to use it here.

Additionally you can just CFrame the model in front of the camera and update it on RenderStep.


But how do you get the picture of the model at certain angles?

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I don’t know if this is the correct way to do it, but i take a screenshot of the model and then clear the studio background using an external software

1: insert a ThumbnailCamera into your model
2: position the camera to your desired angle
3: using the command bar set the ThumbnailCamera’s CFrame to the Camera’s CFrame
4: publish the model, it will now have your desired camera angle

or just use a viewportframe


(Late comment.) Does this perhaps work for syncing animations in the GUI? I want to make a character selection screen that has the models as GUI’s and they have their animations playing within the GUI.