Getting Player's Outfits causes an error

I’ve been trying to use basic http service, and I decided to try and get player’s outfits to try to make a game which allows you to messing around with that.

My code is:

local httpService = game:GetService("HttpService")

local baseUrl1 = ""

local baseUrl2 = "/outfits?itemsPerPage=50"

local requests = {}

local response = httpService:GetAsync(baseUrl1.. 124695835 ..baseUrl2)

local data = httpService:JSONDecode(response)


I’m getting this error:


Anybody know why?

Some sort of protection. Are you experiencing the error persistently?

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Everytime I call it yes… It doesn’t ever not error.

Perhaps you need a proxy to fix that?

Alternatively use Heroku.


I used this google apps and I like love it? omg THANKS so much for your help, i LOVE YOU :))))