Getting players that are touching a part and welding them

i wanted to make a elevator that goes diagonal, but i wanted to weld everyone thats touching the elevator to the elevator when its moving(so they dont fall of the elevator).

i looked trough some posts and didnt really saw anyone have the same problem or a fix for it.

i hope someone can help me.

I believe you can use PrismaticConstraint | Roblox Creator Documentation

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Did you make an attempt for a script creation? if so please send the script so I can analyze it

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You could try to put seats for the players

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no i didnt attempt to because i dont know how, the only thing i got is the movement of the elevator but thats just a simple tween

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yes but i also wanne try that they can still move arount if thats even possible otherwise i might do that

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There are a bunch of tutorials on youtube for moving parts that you can stand on, such as this one:

This uses the PrismaticConstraint like @BobbieTrooper stated