Getting Status_Code 404 When Trying to buy a Limited -- Python Requests Library

I’m trying to purchase a limited item from Roblox using the requests library.

Here is my code:

  xsrfRequest =, cookies={
                    '.ROBLOSECURITY': cookie
                buyreq =  # SENDING THE BUY REQUEST
                    headers={"X-CSRF-TOKEN": xsrfRequest.headers["x-csrf-token"]})

                buyreq_data = buyreq
                print(buyreq.status_code) # Prints as 404

The array “seller” contains data from the seller with the best price.

But, for some reason the status code of my request prints as 404. Does anyone know what my issue could be? Maybe something is missing or my url isn’t correct…

I don’t think you’re allowed to use bots to buy limiteds–and in effect–make them. so… maybe this is not the best place to ask this type of question.

It’s the Roblox security. They actually removed the feature of buying Limits using the API and reselling them because there. Limited.

It’s currently like the Graphics Card crisis. They found a fix and fixed it before it happened. And also, bots in general with use of the API (buying stuff, ETC) is against the rules. It was removed actually due to scammers using it to buy limiteds, and sending it to there main with a simple server script.

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You have to interact with the web API (likely a different one) to buy a limited. You can send the request successfully as long as you can emulate an actual request.

probably a different one, yes. But Roblox removed it from there API due to the scamming.

Actually just looked at the rules, it’s not. Here’s a post from a user explaining how to make a simple one.