Getting the ids of all clothing in a group

i want to make a tycoon game where the things you sell are clothing of a group but i dont know how to get a list of all the clothing in a group

Just make a list yourself like this:

local shop = {123,456,789,012,345,678}

You’d need an API to get the items in the group, I think. And that’s really too much effort for something simple like this.

i cant do that, there are way too many clothing in the group and more are being added regularly

So the item being collected at a tycoon is a clothing item?

yes, its a part which has the clothing item on it

Does it really need to be that detailed? I don’t think anybody will notice it’s clothing from the group.

yes, you unlock clothing droppers when you buy the clothing.
sadly, since there is no other option, im going to have to manually put in all the ids

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