Getting the most kills from players?

Right now, I am attempting to make a Team Deathmatch and I have gotten my team system and everything sorted out, but I also want to feature players with the most amount of contributed kills to the team, I am hoping that someone could direct me to what system I should use for looking through all the players Kills and finding the top 3 players with the most kills.


What you can do is change the structure of how the amount of kills are stored. Have a table with pairs where the first value is the player’s name, and second value is how many kills he got.

local killCount = {{"player1", 5}, {"player3", 15}, {"player2", 2}} --for example if you had 3 players

Of course this table will be unsorted each time you add a kill to one of the kill counts. When evaluating the top 3 players, you basically sort this array, by comparing the second value of each pair.

table.sort(killCount, function(a, b)
    return a[2] > b[2]

After sorting it, the 3 first indices should be the top 3 players respectively.

local first, second, third = killCount[1][1], killCount[2][1], killCount[3][1] --the [1] each time is the name of the player

Well, first you need to create a table of the team, then you use table.sort to sort out the scores from highest to lowest. For example, saying that you store each player’s kills value in an IntValue stored inside the player:

local team = game:GetService("Teams"). --fill in the team here
local plrs = {}

for _, p in pairs(team:GetPlayers()) do
    table.insert(plrs, p)

table.sort(plrs, function(a, b)
    return a.Kills.Value > b.Kills.Value

for i = 1,3 do
    if plrs[i] ~= nil then
        --will rank the players