Getting the Xbox One exclusive packages on PC

There is an exploit that allows you to get the Xbox One exclusive packages on PC. @Partcline and I both tried it out on Google Chrome, and it works perfectly. Here’s a video that demonstrates how you do it:

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wooo free packages!! :happy4:

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GG Roblox.
My guess is that they will revert package ownership if the purchase log didnt extract any funds.


Seems to only work on the free ones. Gives an error saying you have negative amounts of ROBUX if you try purchasing a paid package.

Aren’t they free on Xbox One too though?

Oh, I thought all packages on xb1 costed robux.

I don’t know, haven’t played it on Xbox One. Can anyone confirm?

Some are free, some are not free.

tempting, but I’ve got a devex pending and I don’t want to risk it

Give a raise to the person who made up these brilliant hat names


Doesn’t seem to work for me (Google Chrome on Windows 8.1). Is this fixed or am I doing something wrong?

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Did it just now, still works fine, so you’re probably doing something wrong @FromLegoUniverse

I just don’t like how the packages have white hands and white faces. Limits creativity (I enjoy having purple skin) and I’m not a big fan of white washing.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.44.47 PM.png
This is awesome lol. I love the clothes that come with them!

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I think this has been patched? I just tried it.




You should try it both on PC and mobile :wink:

Each time something works on PC version, it is almost likely to work on mobile version to.

And the reason most of you proabebly get’s errors or not working, are you sure you delete the “dissable” part.
And no i’m not saying you should do this to your self.

I’m pretty sure they’re fixing it now, my item notifier is going nuts with all the xbox package stuff

That’s the guy who made the plugin making those notifications come up manually.

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