Getting these weird HttpResponse errors?

Hi, so I am trying to change some server settings but whenever i save for some of them it sends this message in output and doesn’t let me save.
Error: 15:30:50.229 Failed builtin_GameSettings.rbxm.GameSettings.Pages.MonetizationPage.Controllers.MonetizationController:174: HttpResponse = { responseTimeMs : 146.58570289611816, responseCode : 403, responseBody : { errors : table: 0x1afcb4d7ebeac460 }, requestOptions : { Headers : table: 0xc8726ef606d393a0, Url :, Method : POST, Body : {"name":"Developer Product 1","priceInRobux":"10"} } }

It does this for a few other settings too, not all of them but some important ones I’d like to change.
If anyone can tell me what this means or how to fix it then many thanks.

I do not own the game, I have edit access as its a collaboration, maybe that is why?

Please send a screenshot of the error, I am really struggling to make out what the error is.

Hope this helps
Gives me the error every time I try to save or update a setting

ah sorry the settings tab didnt record apologies

I think it is something faulty with a plugin

The responseCode : 403 portion is probably the most insightful.

It seems you are getting an HTTP error 403: Forbidden

For whatever reason, the server you are calling is rejecting your request and giving you that error.

If I recall correctly, you cannot directly HTTPRequest URLs to from your game. If you want API calling, you have to go through a proxy, which there are numerous on the Devforums. You can try this proxy, if you like.

However, do read this before you use proxies.

Is there a way to fix it without the proxy?

It depends on what you are doing. Are you using the HTTPService to request information from (or sub-pages)?

It would be helpful if we saw the code in question that causes this error.

Edit: Oh wait! My bad, it seems I misread your post. This happens when saving in Studio?

Yes, in the video i sent, unfortunately, i couldn’t record it because my recorder didn’t detect it, but yes, whenever i save certain settings it doesn’t let me save and gives me that error in the output.
Some settings do work but others do not.

Very odd indeed. Are you trying to update the developer products?

Yes, I am making a donation product so I was updating it.

Several things to try:
1.) Try restarting Studio, then try again.
2.) Try disabling all plugins, then restart Studio again, then try saving again.
3.) Try seeing if the owner of the game is able to update it.
4.) Try making your own copy of the game, publish it to Roblox (make it private), and see if it still happens.

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No, when you make requests to sites using the HttpService proxies are required.