- A free, rotating proxy for Roblox APIs

Been running this a few months without really promoting it, recently shut down so figured I’d post about it here.

A few highlights:

  • Significantly faster than rprxy was.
  • Access to all apis and endpoints, including catalog api.
  • No rate limits.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or run into any issues.

Disclaimer: I can’t recommend RoProxy (or any public proxy) for production applications. Albeit rare, downtime and slowdowns are inevitable, and you should never rely on third parties for sensitive information (see jmk’s post on the downfalls of public proxies.) For smaller applications that don’t require high request rates, try RoProxy Lite. For large-scale production applications, feel free to contact me and we can discuss a purpose-built solution.


This is really great, but why does it directly mirror the ROBLOX site when not on the main page?

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Insane! very nice work, i will use this.

Probably because it’s just's website on another website.

Roblox still has some old api endpoints on the main domain which some people may need to access, plus rprxy did it that way so I added it for compatibility.

All of those were removed in 2020

At this link:, it gives the error that category subcategory selection is not supported.

This is a roblox error,


Okay, thanks for the information.

Not all of them. For example, the favorites api is still on the main domain.


Requests started tripling in the span of a few days, changed the code a bit and upgraded servers. Should be faster & have less errors.

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For those of you using this service (or any other proxy like it), I strongly recommend you reconsider as it is a huge security issue. I’ve discussed this in my other post:


This is great, a free, easy to use, proxy!

Good Job, Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

(Btw, like @CoinTheKit said, it just a copy, so, I bought some robux :slight_smile: )

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There is something wrong:

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Looks like you forgot to add http:// or https://


Completely rewrote the code in golang and upgraded the servers, deployed on the users and badges endpoints and getting 1-2 second maximum response times. Will make further performance improvements, monitor bugs, and gradually roll out to the other subdomains soon!


does roproxy not support games api v2?

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Sorry, was deploying the new code to Should be working again now (and 10x faster than before!)


Is this open source for people to allow people to host their own iteration? If so do you host the code on Github?

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It is not, but I suppose I could put it on github after some cleanup. I don’t think a rotating proxy is required for most private applications though, probably better off hosting something like rprxy or proxyservice.

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