Getting Thrown From Non-Moving Vehicles

If you have a vehicle (like a car) parented to the character (used to destroy the car when the hummanoid dies) and you get out of the car, and then jump while trying to get back in the seat, you get flung away from the car.
The only way to enter the vehicle is without jumping. Bug has been happening on/off for 2 weeks or so.
Happens in a majority of games that have vehicles in the Ro-Racing community. Happens with PGS On & PGS Off, as well as happens with FilteringEnabled On, and FilteringEnabled off.

Here is a meme I’ve made because it looks ridiculous when you get pushed away from the car.

Repro Places

The Video Was Filmed Here

Go to the White House, near the stadium, and use the blue vehicle inside, and then get out and jump around nearby the car and it’ll fling you.

This place has the same cars and can suffer from the same issue.


I believe this also at least used to happen on the ruins map. There was a large bell and if you jumped onto the top of it you would be thrown up a few floors.

I think that is a different issue. This issue seems to be linked to the VehicleSeat inside of the car.

Odd, I have worked with ships that use vehicle seats that have never exhibited this issue.

It only happens when we parent the car to the player using the following script:

function onTouched(hit)

local human = hit.Parent:findFirstChild("Humanoid")

if (human ~= nil ) then


car.Parent = hit.Parent

script.Disabled = true




I’m guessing you don’t parent the boat to the character like we do, because when we remove this script and don’t parent the car to the character, there is no problems at all.

Actually, most ships do parent to the character (although I don’t anymore).

This is also a problem I have with all Pinewood Builders vehicles that parent under the player, the trains, the mars rover, cars etc

The more times you jump at the vehicle, the farther it pushes you

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I’ve had the same issue with Plane Crazy since about 5 months ago, You could try moving the car to workspace whenever the player is not seated.

What happens is that the character’s physics think that the car is a part of the character, This is what makes it freak out.

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Yes, I know it’s caused by when you parent the vehicle to the character. Still though, it’s a bug that probably should be fixed.

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As said above, it is caused by parenting the vehicle to the character from what I’ve experienced. This doesn’t seem like expected physics behavior. If this is being done to remove the vehicle on player death, a quick fix may be a script that listens for a player’s health changing to 0, for example, and removing the vehicle.

This glitch also occurs in this game, which is quite new from what I can see.

This is also happen when a vehicle is anchored suddenly, I usually saw similar problem in automatic train games as the train stop at high speed and anchored.

I do not believe this is an engine bug. Total humanoid velocity is acted upon by the net velocity of all of the parts parented to it. If even a small object is unanchored or unwelded, free from the main humanoid and parented under the humanoid and it moves, it will pull the entire humanoid along with it. Anything from a moving car pulling the humanoid when moving to a tiny unanchored ball rolling will fling the humanoid. I came to this post looking for solutions to the problem for myself, sorry for bumping this super old post but theres your solution.