GFX #4 | The Light In The Fog

#4 The Light In The Fog

So today I have created another GFX, this time I experimented with materials, and the compositing feature. I used a ghost glare to create the reflection effect off of the top of the lighthouse. I liked the ghost glare’s effect better then any of the others.

The beam of light is a cylinder shape. I added a material to it that made it look like a a beam of light in the fog. Although it honestly doesn’t look that good, I think it needs to either be brighter, or smaller and more straightened.

All feedback is appreciated!

The lighthouse is not owned by me. By standards, it was public domain, so I have the right to use it for any means I wish.


It’s great, but yeah I do agree the beam of light needs to be brighter, but I think making the background and the overall image darker is the better way instead of making only the beam brighter.

Here's my attempt to make it better

I made the sky darker and the star shine and light beam brighter, but it kinda loses its foggy effect, but I think it makes it a lot more dramatic.


That’s really cool how you were able to edit the image. Thanks for the feedback.

I think the way to fix the fog is just to let it sit lower on the ground, its better then not having any fog in my opinion.