GFX Artist for Hire [COMMS OPEN]

About Me

Hey! I am Itz_Shadowbtw, and I am a gfx artist! I make gfx’s and I have been doing so for the past year! I am improving every time I get into Blender! I am improving rapidly and I will be making changes to prices and adding new commissions onto my showcase! I am currently accepting Comms so, scroll down for more info!

Here are some of my previous work!





I am available for on weekends for 4-6 hours a day, so I will be open to do gfx’s quite often!


Prices are negotiable, yet I usually price my gfx thumbnails as 1.5-2k. My logo’s are 500-2k. I also do ads, but the prices on those are much more negotiable. I only do group funds as a way of payment, so I dont accept Paypal etc.


You can contact me here on twitter @shadoweffectts or on Discord. My tag is : Itz_Shadow#6794

Thanks for reading! :clapper:


Are you able to design clothing? Thanks.

Not at the moment, no sorry as I dont really have time to develop those skills as well.

3k is a bit expensive for a single thumbnail, your GFX looks impressive but there’s still little bits in some of the pictures that look off.

( i.e The prisoner’s hair looks misplaced and there’s too much shadow in his face, plus the guy in the blue Hawaiian shirt has a weird jump pose and the player with the AK47 isn’t holding the gun. )

I suggest lowering the maximum price to 2.5k til stuff like that isnt present in any future work, a lot of the issues i showed can be fixed easily in Roblox Studio so don’t stress over them.

( I get having someone nitpick over small details is frustrating, but it’s important for an artist to put in their full potential into each work. )


Yea, i understand as I am improving every time I get into Roblox studio. Most of the examples except for the first one were done quite a while ago, but I have not posted newer ones as I dont want my customers to believe that I am putting out finished work that they payed for out for people to get for free.


PRICES LOWERED DUE TO SALE! MAKE SURE TO GET YOUR GFX TODAY!!! I will be very greatful if you order!

Ill be sure to contact you soon!