GFX Artist [For Hire]

Hello everyone, I am Sinister. I love doing GFX a lot. I am experienced in doing GFX and I started doing them a year or two ago same as using photoshop. I started doing GFX because it made me thought that this job was the best for my age. Then from now on I am doing GFX in my free time. I do YouTube thumbnails the most but I am doing game icons, pfp (profile pictures like for discord, instagram etc.) I am still learning to make proffesional GFX.

  • Further details will be explained under here.

All I want for a payment is a decent amount, basic ones like 80 R$, best ones THE BEST AS I CAN 500+ R$ but you can always pay me in commisions of your choice. We can both decide!


What I made for people:

Thank you for ordering, @IchbinFelix for your group [Niva Clothing]

Thank you for ordering, Celestial_Lua for your YouTube pfp!

Thank you for ordering, Cop2404 for your homestore!

Thank you for ordering 2 PFP’s, aerezo.

Thank you for ordering, StarmanAway for your friend’s Expedition Group.

  • My stuff



Discord: Sinister#0462
Twitter: Siniste96448253 < CLICK!


How fluent with the English language are you? I’m wondering since your services will be limited to certain extent if you’re not 100% familiar with the English language.

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I knew english since I was like 5, I learned it by keep watching english youtubers.

A couple pieces of your work, suck as your YouTube PFP, and some characters in a thumbnail look stretched out (or compressed). A couple of them look like you just shopped a character on a Roblox background. Your work looks great, but definitely needs a little improvement.

I did not stretch anything, I used shift the magic button and all the characters are not shopped, they are from the game.

No offence, but I think you should improve your renders, I suppose you rig them from roblox studios animation editor and your arms are a tad bit out awful. No offence again. And the thumbnails look like the text is not suited for that genre.


They look shopped to me, though

Not really helping your case, I can’t even tell what the first one says.
The second one is incorrect as well.

Like I said I am still learning.

friend what your gfx and your jobs are missing are shadows

Just calm down lads, everyone has a start like him. Anyways, from what I see either they are streched out or just added over a background. Try to make your characters blend in with the background and as for streching do your gfx around 1000x1000p or 1920x1080p. And… make use of fonts that are really important and blend nicely with the GFX you’re doing. :v:

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Lol I did not even see the upper gfx’s streched let me fix it is cause I made it 100x100 on the devforum site.

I recommend using cinema 4d that helped me a lot for a while

nah blender for life I love blending


I recommend you move forward friend, do not stay with the normal always looking for something new

Quality on blender and c4d isn’t that much. For example, you could make gfx in blender look much better than c4d. Plus blender is much easier, you could use rigs and other stuff. There are also quality settings on blender. Plus it is his own decision if he want’s to use c4d or blender. Blender is free while c4d is paid. For examples, some good artists are @RipperGFX and much more that uses blender.

if you’re right I use blender and I make good designs just make my first improvements

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The ‘normal’ in terms of roblox art is either blender or c4d, so you encouraging him to move to c4d isn’t exactly changing anything except his workflow.
@XxKinqSinisterxX As a fellow blender user, keep trying; blender and c4d are practically identical in terms of output within the scope of roblox gfx. It just depends on how you use the program to achieve the outcome. Its good that you like blender, it means your workflow is better.

@Pyrotenics Thank you, I appreciate it :wink: