GFX Artist For Hire


I am a gfx artist looking for requests. Im Mostly well know for my thumbnails.

I Only do Thumbnails and Logo’s Now.
Thumbnail [1,000 R$]

Logo [500 R$]

Usually Depending on how big the Piece is.

Examples of My Work for Satisfaction of Future Clients:



These look pretty nice. I’ll keep you in mind for my future projects!

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I noticed you use many different large water marks on your work, this is something that’s generally highly advised not to do.

Something better would be to come up with one logo/watermark, and keep it to the same size on all of your work. It helps promote “brand” awareness for yourself, as well as keeping all of your thumbnails uniform :slight_smile:

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Looks pretty crisp and nice. Keep up the good wook!

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Yeah those are some old pieces I genually just go for the simple G.S In size 46 Or 36 Font now.

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Looks nice, but I’ve noticed a few things in the thumbnails.

For the first one, the exposure for the lights on the left on the right are very high, and don’t really resemble anything at all, looks very much like something that ripped. The ghost doesn’t seem to have a shadow ether, and even if it is a ghost, shouldn’t it be slightly transparent? The rest looks great.

I don’t really notice anything bad in the 2nd one, looks great. All I would suggest is to include more action on the left and/or right, as a lot of space was left there, when something even as subtle as a sandstorm could be there to occupy the lost space and make the scene more action packed.

The third one seems to be very kid vegitto like, did you use his tutorial? The shadows are also very hard, even though the sunlight is faded. The rest looks great.


The banner (?) one is awesome, but you’ve left a TON of space that can be used. As a designer, I try to occupy as much space as possible and to balance it out so that each side doesn’t counteract the other. I would try fitting more detail in the piece.

The boat one, frankly, just looks like you went over the text with an eraser. Not sure what it’s supposed to represent, but if you’re trying to represent bite marks, use the polygonal lasso tool. If you’re trying to make the letters fade into the water, apply a mask and use a radial or linear gradient. The text is also very difficult to read, so I would make the text stand out a lot more.

The winter one has very hard shadows, and also leaves a ton of space. Adding more robloxians and maybe making use of the snow, by putting in snowballs or some snow warfare would be awesome! (Also, wouldn’t someone wear something more warmer if they’re in minus temperatures? :stuck_out_tongue: )

The jets are cool, but don’t go too overboard with depth blur. The back plane can just about be made out. Maybe adding a sky gradient or faint clouds would look great.

Next one, awesome smoke, definitely looks better. Smoke also gives off a shadow, so unless there’s a bright light underneath the smoke, you should make it a bit darker. Maybe make the background hills more visible, you can’t really make them out.

For the last one. Eh. That’s all I can say. You should include more colours since you added a drop shadow. Flat icons don’t have that big a drop shadow, and if there was one, it would be flat. Having the text in a circle would work great as well, as it would bring attention to the ice cream too!

EDIT: you didn’t spell sherbet wrong, my mistake. I didn’t know that it was spelt differently in the US.

Overall, great work, I hope you get a ton of business! Take my advice with a grain of salt, it’s only my opinion after all.


Hey! Your projects are amazing. If I will need anything I am sure I will let you know! :slight_smile:

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Or like remove the watermarks totally because the thumbnails are for their benefits, not the artist’s because the commissioner owns the use of the image after the deal. Credits may be followed in the game description or through social media.

My idea of adding watermarks is only when the artist is using the image in part of their galleries, portfolio, some social media updates, etc., basically just to avoid illegal copies.

Anyways, super big fan of the jets! Love it all, keep up the good work😊 @Game_Saved

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Thanks Very much! Yeah I do get rid of my Credits If they wish to have it removed.

Thanks so much for the Feed Back really do appreciate it. And Yeah the one I was experimenting with Kidveggitos tutorial and decided to put it up but I totally understand these points. Thanks very much!

It’s still not a bad idea to have one uniform logo for watermarking.

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I was not concerned of the different sizes of the watermark, the concern is towards the use of watermarks wether it is a must to apply them when the commissioner uses the image. Anyways, he can change his watermark however he wants.

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Well, in this instances, a commissioner isn’t using them and he’s showing them to us.

Either way, that’s not my point. My point is having a uniformed icon for watermarking. Something that people will recognize as your own. :stuck_out_tongue:

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