What is up, developers? I’m currently looking for a decent GFX Artist for my upcoming game! It’s a hacking simulator type game :smiley: All we need right now is a Game Icon and Thumbnail. [UPDATE] We have a Game Icon artist so all we need now is someone for a thumbnail!

As of now the only method of payment I can provide is USD, preferably PayPal. We’ll discuss the prices over discord!

Contact Me
My discord is lolmelol1#0218 so please don’t hesitate to add me! Thank you.


I’m interested, but I would rather be paid via ROBUX. You can simply buy ROBUX with the USD you’re willing to give.

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I am interested, message me so I can send you my portfolio. I have 2 years of experience.

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I might be able to help with a thumbnail depending on what it is. (Updated/Closed) Disglair GFX/Building/3D modelling Portfolio! Add my discord if your interested.

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