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Added more example from past commissions! :art:

Really great guy!! Hey did everything for me exactly how I wanted it!!



  • Added pricing information
  • Added more examples
  • Added previous work
  • Cleaned up some stuff

Thank you for reading and I hope to work with you! :art:

Opened commissions again! Currently only taking 1 commission.
Please PM me if you’re interested.

Lowered prices for the next two days.
Currently taking 3 commissions.
Feel free to contact me!

Had him do a digital drawing of me and my girlfriend and I was honestly blown away. Exceeded my expectations fully, I would for sure recommend to anyone who needs art done, fast good service for an affordable price.


hello! do you have discord i can contact you at?

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Hey! Unfortunately I don’t have Discord. Sorry for the inconvenience

Highly recommend! They have worked quickly and have produced amazing products for my project’s next big update! This is an amazing person to work with.

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Extremely enjoyed working with them. Ordered a group icon a few months back and the order was finished in a few days, exactly to my liking. Would hire again!

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Updated portfolio! :icecream:

  • Added commission sheets.
  • Remade renders

Commissions reopened!
Currently taking 1 spot.

  • Added Designer Mania commission (most recent)

Commissions open! Taking 2 spots!
Minor portfolio update coming soon with new, recent examples of my work!
Feel free to get in contact with me!
-V :art:

How much do you believe the price is for an image such as this;

What do you mean? Did you make it or do you want me to make it?

I want you to make it but I would like to know the price beforehand.

I can’t do that sorry. I’ve never done anything like that.

I just wanted to recolor of it to change it just white.

That’s fairly simple. Don’t need anything for it but hopefully this helps

How much shall I pay you, for this image?