VeeGFX Portfolio (outdated)

3D Work only for now!


Thumbnails 🥥

Shiny Stars! - Glitch Event Thumbnail

Gucci - Thumbnail #1

Red Hulk - for @rottendogDkR

Designer Mania - Thumbnails - for @Da1ex + @MonkrysGhost

Icons 🍒

Designer Mania - Game Icons

Royale high trading group - Game Icons

Shiny Stars! - Game Icons + Concept Art

Text Work 🍍


Advertisements 🍦

Knight Simulator - for @LiteWaffle
Lifes Dream Advertisement
Designer Mania Advertisements
Shiny Stars - Event Advertisements

ABOUT ME :watermelon:

Hey there! I’m Vee. I create art in both 2D and 3D traditionally and digitally. I started making 3D art and began to learn Blender in February of this year and I would say I’ve definitely improved. I went from barely being able to move the camera to now creating my own game assets and artwork.
I’ve been making art ever since I can remember and have only recently gotten into digital art (within the past 2 years).

I am currently offering my services as a 3D GFX artist on Roblox.

I approach every commission as professionally as possible and I like to know as much about the project I’m working for as I can to help improve the work I make.

PAST WORK :strawberry:

Over the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of working for many different talented teams and individuals for a variety of different projects.
Here is a list of the people and teams I’ve worked with/for:
@Da1ex, @MonkrysGhost - Designer Mania
@Zerv_Zen - (formerly) Roll Call!
@LiteWaffle - Knight Simulator
@Aiomab - Release The Killer
@Icy7812 - Hatching Simulator
@PinkOcelots + @ClanDrone - Roblox Library
@OutlookG - Blox Royale
@rottendogDkR - Thumbnail
@SelectedArctic - Character Art
@DavidxWRLD - Character Art
And more!

TERMS OF SERVICE :tangerine:

If you would like to commission or work with me, there are some things you must agree to:
NO NSFW - I refuse to make anything inappropriate, sexual, violent etc.
NO TRADES - I will not work for somebody else’s services. I work for payment only and am not interested in service trading
NOTHING AGAINST ROBLOX’S TOS - If Roblox won’t allow it neither will I. Anything that goes against Roblox’s TOS, I will not create.

WHAT CAN I MAKE? :ice_cream:

Here is a list of things that I can create for you:
Game Thumbnails
YouTube Thumbnails
Game Icons - Render or Text
Group Icons - Render or Text
Logos - Text work
Advertisements - Render or Text
Badges and Gamepasses - Render or Text

Here is a list of things I will NOT make:
Furry work
Map Designs
2D work
Concept Art
Traditional Art

I am currently only offering my services as a 3D artist


My prices are calculated based off time, effort, quality, complexity and other factors.

(+ benefits listed for each product)


CONTACT :rainbow:

If you are interested in working with me, please contact me either on the DevForum through DM or on Discord - VqniIlIa#3231
Thank you for reading and I hope to work with you soon!
Vee. :palm_tree: