GFX Artist || Vee - Icons, Thumbnails, Ads and More!

Hello! This portfolio is outdated!

If you’d like to commission me please check out my Talent Hub profile for examples of my recent work as these are from a while back! Thank you.


Thumbnails 🥥

Shiny Stars! - Glitch Event Thumbnail

Gucci - Thumbnail #1

Red Hulk - for @rottendogDkR

Designer Mania - Thumbnails - for @Da1ex + @MonkrysGhost

Icons 🍒

Designer Mania - Game Icons

Royale high trading group - Game Icons

Shiny Stars! - Game Icons + Concept Art

Text Work 🍍


Advertisements 🍦

Knight Simulator - for @LiteWaffle
Lifes Dream Advertisement
Designer Mania Advertisements
Shiny Stars - Event Advertisements

ABOUT ME :watermelon:

Hey there! I’m Vee. I create art in both 2D and 3D traditionally and digitally. I started making 3D art and began to learn Blender in February of this year and I would say I’ve definitely improved. I went from barely being able to move the camera to now creating my own game assets and artwork.
I’ve been making art ever since I can remember and have only recently gotten into digital art (within the past 2 years).

I am currently offering my services as a 3D GFX artist on Roblox.

I approach every commission as professionally as possible and I like to know as much about the project I’m working for as I can to help improve the work I make.

PAST WORK :strawberry:

Over the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of working for many different talented teams and individuals for a variety of different projects.
Here is a list of the people and teams I’ve worked with/for:
@Da1ex, @MonkrysGhost - Designer Mania
@Zerv_Zen - (formerly) Roll Call!
@LiteWaffle - Knight Simulator
@Aiomab - Release The Killer
@Icy7812 - Hatching Simulator
@PinkOcelots + @ClanDrone - Roblox Library
@OutlookG - Blox Royale
@rottendogDkR - Thumbnail
@SelectedArctic - Character Art
@DavidxWRLD - Character Art
And more!

TERMS OF SERVICE :tangerine:

If you would like to commission or work with me, there are some things you must agree to:
NO NSFW - I refuse to make anything inappropriate, sexual, violent etc.
NO TRADES - I will not work for somebody else’s services. I work for payment only and am not interested in service trading
NOTHING AGAINST ROBLOX’S TOS - If Roblox won’t allow it neither will I. Anything that goes against Roblox’s TOS, I will not create.

WHAT CAN I MAKE? :ice_cream:

Here is a list of things that I can create for you:
Game Thumbnails
YouTube Thumbnails
Game Icons - Render or Text
Group Icons - Render or Text
Logos - Text work
Advertisements - Render or Text
Badges and Gamepasses - Render or Text

Here is a list of things I will NOT make:
Furry work
Map Designs
2D work
Concept Art
Traditional Art

I am currently only offering my services as a 3D artist

REVIEWS :shell:


CONTACT :rainbow:

If you are interested in working with me, please contact me either on the DevForum through DM or on Discord - VqniIlIa#3231
Thank you for reading and I hope to work with you soon!
Vee. :palm_tree:


Finished my new portfolio!
Thanks for viewing!


As a tip, make all your showcases in one section and all your prices in other one so it looks less cluttered and easier to read. Great job!


Thanks! Will try and do that some point soon :smiley:

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  • All prices changed / dropped
  • More examples
  • More options

Thank you for reading and I hope to work with you! :art:

Very quick response time and top quality art, would definitely hire again :slight_smile:


Thanks! It was really nice working with you and I wish you and your game all the best :smiley: :art:

Updated Portfolio!
Added new examples and made some aesthetic changes.

Commissions closed!
2/2 Slots taken

Commissions opened again!
Currently taking 1 commission.
All prices are negotiable!
Thanks! :art:

Thanks! :art:

Really great guy, works fast and efficient. I would recommend :smiley:


Added more example from past commissions! :art:

Really great guy!! Hey did everything for me exactly how I wanted it!!



  • Added pricing information
  • Added more examples
  • Added previous work
  • Cleaned up some stuff

Thank you for reading and I hope to work with you! :art:

Opened commissions again! Currently only taking 1 commission.
Please PM me if you’re interested.

Lowered prices for the next two days.
Currently taking 3 commissions.
Feel free to contact me!

Had him do a digital drawing of me and my girlfriend and I was honestly blown away. Exceeded my expectations fully, I would for sure recommend to anyone who needs art done, fast good service for an affordable price.


hello! do you have discord i can contact you at?

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Hey! Unfortunately I don’t have Discord. Sorry for the inconvenience