GFX Artist || Vee - Icons, Thumbnails, Ads and More!

I’m available for the rest of the week whilst I’m still on break. Next week it’s back to school for me which means I won’t be available as much throughout the day. Please get in contact with me soon if you are interested!

Love your work! Keep up the great work!

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Thanks man! Really glad you like it.

Portfolio Redesign!

I decided my portfolio was looking a bit dusty so I thought I’d clean it up a bit.

  • Added price and example sheets
  • Reworded portfolio
  • Redesigned and remade graphics for portfolio
  • Added more examples of newer commissions.
    I still have 1 space open so if anybody is interested in commissioning me please contact me!

Very fast response time, while still producing quality work! Despite having two other commissions to do, they were able to make me an advert within 3 days. Sent works in progress throughout the project, and came up with a stunning final product. 10/10

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Vqniilia did an amazing job creating images for my game and did exactly as I asked! 10/10

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They respond in time, makes it with great quality, and makes it how you want it. Would hire again because of his reliability and great service!

Currently taking one commission!

Top notch quality, very quick service, and great communication.@VqniIlIa was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend this service.

10/10 - Would Hire Again

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Redesigned my portfolio with new and improved examples of my work.
Currently open for hire! :coconut::palm_tree:

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Hi Vee, your work looks outstanding. I just added you on Discord, hope to hear from you soon.

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This is all - Really great!

I was interested, but the prices are sky high!

There’s no way I’d pay 1k robux for every pass icon I request. Even if I were to do an icon, 2k is a lot to wait 1 month!

Hope you take this into consideration.

Hey there! The delivery times are outdated and aren’t accurate to when they will be delivered.
With the passes, I don’t have set prices on them. Say you purchased the lowest tier (1-3k) you can get between one and 5 pieces. If you wanted 5 you’d pay 3k (600 per icon) but if you wanted 1 you could pay 1k and chose whichever editing tier you’d like or some other perks, or we could discuss prices.
Hope that makes sense and I do plan on updating my payment section with more accurate information. Thanks!

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Vee is an amazing GFX Artist, delivered super high-quality logo’s made fairly quickly, despite having other commissions to do. He is easy to work with and sent works in progress throughout the project. 100% would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a Graphics Designer! Would hire again!

Vee delivers incredible art with a professional, friendly, and versatile etiquette. I highly recommend working with them in the future. Cheers!

+1 :+1:

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Commissioned a new logo for my game. Knew what I wanted more than even I did!

From tomorrow onwards this will not be used due to the Talent Hub replacing the #collaboration category.
If you are interested in commissioning me, please contact me through the Talent Hub or my discord VeeGFX#3231.

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