GFX Artists please Vote

As a gfx designer designing for personal use…

Do you prefer to use blocky characters or characters with a man/woman package?

  • Blocky Character
  • Character with Package

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  • Blocky Character
  • Character with Package
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Also, do you use a rig? Reply down below.
If anyone has a man/woman rig, could they PM me the .blend file for it, I don’t download from mediafire etc

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I use a blocky file since it’s easier to use.

Yeah, same.

Also, I mostly work with blocky characters for personal and commissions.

Making the poll require users to be in the Artists group just to vote is a major downside on your part because a lot of artists are not part of the group. You’re missing out on potential votes.

Anyway, I use the blocky characters because the rig is iconic and easy to use. Anyone would know that “Hey that’s Roblox” when they see it (mostly for marketing purposes).


Got it, I’ll fix the poll.


I prefer blocky characters to work with and I use blocky character for most of my commissions. I can do man/women characters but it mainly depends if I have the rig for it. I do use rigs for my gfx though.

Blocky Character Rig
PaintRigV3.blend (809.5 KB)

Women Rig
Default.blend (1.6 MB)

Man/Robloxian Rig
Faceless.blend (2.3 MB)

If I don’t have the rig and the customer requested a certain package I would pose the character without the rig.

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