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Looks great! I recommend that you try and add some lighting to the under side of the Valkerie helmet so that the black values match the backround! Other than that, it looks fantastic. The text fits the GFX nicely!

  • Panzer

Agreed, highly recommend adding better lighting. Looks cool though :+1:

The lighting seems dull and very simplicity you should try adding lighting and possibly a more different background I can see it matches but in my opinion it doesn’t fit the characters design:

Try to learn how to add better lighting in your scene if your using a 3D program. And try to add all your effects in the render it self, depending if this is for a type of cafe, restaurant group. Maybe use some HDRIs so you can get good reflection and better lighting on your character and background it will make the render look more realistic if your going for they approach.

Always take your time if your going for a simplicity design you accomplish that but if your wanting more lighting I would recommend adding some.

Nice work! Did you use an HDRi to get the city background and lighting?

Yes. i did use an HDRI for the city background

Okay thats what I was thinking, just wanted to make sure. HDRi’s are super powerful.