[$$$] GFX Commission For Up Coming Game!

Hi, I’m looking for a GFX Artist to craft a master piece of 1 Icon and 1 Thumbnail for our Game.

  • We want the Icon and Thumbnail to be attractive and exciting to Robloxains

  • We also want the Icon to stand out on the Front Page

  • We also want the Icon to remain Sharp on the Game page
    (Roblox will compress the Image file and make it blurry if you aren’t careful)








More details about the Game will be discussed once an agreement has been made.

Payment via Paypal & Groupfunds

Willing to pay up to 100 USD or 30K R$

You can either DM me or leave your Discord tag here with your portfolio
(If you don’t leave your portfolio with your Discord tag I won’t contact you)

Looking forward to working with you - Sincerely, RuizuKun_Dev


Don’t feed the ducks™#6620

Seems intresting.

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Your Discord Tag seems dysfunctional.

Please leave your portfolio here too.

Thank you for your response!

Strange, message me yours… I have already started a chat with you.

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try iiLemurz_RB#6620

this should now work

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Quite interested in this.

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I suggest you hire @I5k, he did some thumbnails you mentioned as examples. Here is his portfolio I5k | 3D Artist/Graphic Designer

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I would also back this.

i5k is an amazing artist, and i have followed his work for some time now.
I myself have gotten work made from his personal “apprentice” @Respirize.

One other thing to actually look into is who made the examples.
There are actually a few logos there made by @I5K .

The logos the he made include the following you listed in the examples list:

  • Strucid - BETA - Thumbnail.
  • Strucid - BETA - Logo.

The price range in which you also list you are willing to pay, perfectly fits with his commissions price ranges too.

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Thank you both for your responses @Double_Dev & @02_t , I have made an attempt to contact i5k and waiting for his/her reply.



Seems pretty interesting, looking forward to see what this project becomes


Im good at making trailers.



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@SoftGB is a great designer, he may be interested.

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