I5k | 3D Artist/Graphic Designer





Howdy! My username is i5k and I am have been a 3D Artist for almost 6 years now! I am a fast working and friendly person, welcome to my portfolio!

Pricing and Details

Commission Sheet

Prices and Details

Paypal Ratio: 3.5$/1,000 Robux

Thumbnail Pricing 25k-50k

Icon Pricing: 20k-30k

Vector Art/Logos: 15k-20k

|If you purchase a thumbnail you will receive different versions cropped as icons for free!

| Discount Details!

| You will be eligible for a discount under these circumstances:

1. If you are a reoccurring customer

2. If you purchase multiple arts in a bundle

3. If you plan a long term arrangement for graphics

Here’s some of my work I created over the past year!


Pet Paradise

Bootleg Buccaneer

Eviction Notice

Pirate Battles

Miner City

Jellyfish Simulator

The Wild West Thumbnail

My personal favorite (Cancelled Commission)


Ninja Zone

Mojave Desert

Thumbnail (Made for fun)



Contact me at mi#4443 or by Twitter Direct messages

You can find more at https://www.artstation.com/i5k

Follow me on twitter @rightIess <3


beautiful work my god

really some insanely good work here , keep it up man :+1:


Incredible work. I especially liked how you made the icons so unique, yet fitting for the game they were intended to represent.

You’ll do great with work like this.


Nice work! Your work looks very awesome!


Your work is very pleasing to look at. Keep it up! :smiley:


Your work looks amazing! I like your style and it’s nice how all your work is original.


Well dang…

This is some super high quality work.



I use Cinema 4D