I5k | 3D Artist/Graphic Designer

Howdy, I’m a self-taught freelance graphic designer that goes by the alias i5k, I’ve been doing graphic designing for roughly 6 years now. I’m also a very friendly user and I’ve been on ROBLOX since 2010 now! If you ever have a question you can message me on discord or twitter (Sorry if I don’t answer try to keep messaging) And I will get right back to you as soon as I can!!

What do you use to make your artworks?

My main programs and render engines are Cinema 4D and Octane Render, which I purchased of course! I use photoshop for my post phases of the work very often and I recommend using Octane, it’s very simple and has user-friendly interfaces with plenty of tutorials online!

Why should you hire me?

A lot of time goes into my artworks so I can make them extremely detailed down to the most minimalistic of features!! I’m a very hard worker and an understanding person, I also promise to make up for my expensive pricing with decency and companionship as well as enthusiasm! My prices can also be heavily influenced by demand!

How do you make your 3D Clothing?

The clothes are all textures and not modeled!! I do highly suggest you model them though, or at least find a suitable workflow. I couldn’t find any tutorials on it but I use a preset material in Substance Painter that is a fabric that has a customized height channel to fit the character in question!

If you want to learn more about textures you can click here!


The Last of Blox

MAD CITY - Brawl


My Bakery!

Obby island - Spring Island Update

Science Simulator - Night

Science Simulator Day

Hammer Simulator

Project Zero

Bomb Simulator

Vaulted - The Exchange

Vaulted - Heist

Simulator Game

Superhero Brawl Tycoon 2

Escape the McDonalds

Wizard Commission


Murder Mystery 2

Sliding Game

Superpower High


Personal Artwork - RIVALRY

Mad City Mech Update

Obstacle Course Thumbnail

Supernatural Simulator

Blox Fruits

Mad City

Bubblegum Simulator

Blade Throwing Simulator

Smashing Simulator

County Thumbnail

Mowing Legends

Mob Simulator

Fan Wallpaper for ROBLOX

Tower Destruction Simulator


Superhero Academy

Rumble Quest

Superhero Simulator

BIG Giant Survival

Boxing Simulator

Superhero Commission

Sword Commission

Pet Ranch Simulator 2

Dungeon Quest (Steampunk Sewers Update)

Hammer Simulator

Saber Simulator

BIG Paintball!

Ro-Ghoul [2]

Car Crushers - Collision

Car Crushers - Sawmill

Dungeon Quest


Zombie Rush


Prison Showdown

Warrior Simulator

Dueling Simulator

4 Player Superhero Tycoon

Liberty County

Zombie Slaying Simulator

Solidarity (Battlefield Fan Art)


What affects the prices?

I’ve finally been able to divide up my work into 3 different type of artworks that displays the amount of complexity on a scene!

The Basic Package (35k) - Mostly purchased for Simulators, usually contains 3-4 characters with basic posing and is made to look welcoming (Rendered in 1920x1080, doesn’t include PSD)

The Realism Package (50k-75k) - A great example of this would be my Ro-Ghoul thumbnail or my Emergency Response: Liberty County thumbnail, they’re usually sceneries that have clothing folds and include a nicer composition than the basic simulator one. It is mostly purchased as a “treat” for your game and if you’d like to have a nicer visual experience to represent your game (Rendered in 2560x1440, includes PSD)

The Premium Package (75k-100k) - This type of pricing is mainly expensive because of the time frame for it with around a week of a wait but given top priority for your commission to reach its turn. Not the most popular item but it is the best-looking one. For this price, I will custom make textures for every asset and create any scene you have in mind whilst trying to keep a nice look for your game. DO NOT PURCHASE FOR A GAME STARTUP!! This is mostly for games that can afford to treat themselves and again would like a more premium visual experience for their games!! Examples for these would be my first Ro-Ghoul thumbnail and my Dungeon Quest thumbnail. (Rendered up to 3840x2160, usually has longer delivery, PSD included)

Extra info

The prices do so often vary due to high demand or amount of work that needs to be done. Remember that I am being paid for the time spent on the artwork not only the final product!!

What affects the prices?

  1. Customized Texturing that require more tweaking such as Roblox textures generated maps, realistic maps made to fit different types of styles, 3D Clothing

  2. Amount of characters and how big the scene is; Although not a lot of people know this, scenes are extremely demanding as they get bigger, some scenes can use up to 86% of my computer’s memory when I have 48 GB, as it is true it isn’t the client’s fault, some of the requests can cause an overwork on my computer and it’s processes!!

  3. Remodeling/Customizing game aspects; If your game assets aren’t working because of an error or a problem with it, I will have to charge extra for fixing its issues due to the time it takes.

  4. The biggest price factor comes from demand though. If my commissions are completely full clients can pay a higher price to have their commissions done before others. And if I’m unable to take too many commissions I will have to charge an extra fee to be on the wait list!

  5. The complexity of commissions, as things get more demanding for the commission, taking up more of my time, they get more expensive as well.

Pricing details (See commission Sheet)

I accept both Paypal and ROBUX payment!

Paypal Ratio: 3.5$/1,000 Robux

Thumbnail Pricing 35k-85k

Icon Pricing: 15k-35k

*Vector Art/Logos: CLOSED

Commission Sheet

With the purchase of a thumbnail, you can order an icon 50% OFF!!

Contact me at mi#4443 or by Twitter Direct messages

Follow me on Twitter!

Thank you, have a great day! :smile:


beautiful work

really some insanely good work here , keep it up man :+1:


Incredible work. I especially liked how you made the icons so unique, yet fitting for the game they were intended to represent.

You’ll do great with work like this.


Nice work! Your work looks very awesome!


Your work is very pleasing to look at. Keep it up! :smiley:


Your work looks amazing! I like your style and it’s nice how all your work is original.


Well dang…

This is some super high quality work.


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I use Cinema 4D


Really nice work indeed. :heart:

Your prices are expensive, minimum 88$ USD for an icon/logo, and minimum 175$ USD for a thumbnail. Maybe decrease 88-175$ USD to 74-165$ USD? For thumbnails maybe change it to 167-295$ USD? These are all my suggestions, feel free to take them.

I also think you should give some more info on your prices. Try giving more details on upcoming sales, because I can guarantee some people will want sales on your current prices. :wink:

Now don’t get me wrong, your work is stunning. If I had the money I would love a render from you, but yeah, maybe just update the prices a little bit.

I hope that update in price made the prices cheaper. :wink:

Good work,

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Awesome, but your USD rates don’t convert to DevEx rates i.e. 88$ USD does not equal 25,000 R$.

I think it was 87,50 so I just rounded it in order to seem less odd on my commission sheet


Love your work!
Been following you on Twitter for a while and tracking your success!
(Not stalking haha)

But I really wish you the best of luck :slight_smile:

When you get time maybe add me on discord…?

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May I ask you where you get your Textures from? Or do you just mix some materials in Cinema 4D with node editor?

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It’s usually some custom textures and mixed ones


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These are absolutely amazing.

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Thank you very much, it means a lot to receive feedback on my work, I really appreciate it!


Wow, you are by far the best gfx designer I have ever seen!!! I would love to buy a thumbnail from you but unfortunately, my budget is lacking… Hopefully, I can raise funds and convince you to join our team :grin:

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Amazing work! I hope to see some more of your art on the front page and maybe even commissioning you at some point.