GFX Commission Sheet

I recently just made a new commission price sheet! give me suggestions on what i could improve on!


Heya, welcome to the Developer Forums! I would advise reading some of our guidelines and rules before getting started on posting, such as category guidelines, to ensure you’re posting in the right categories. We usually have a pinned thread discussing the purpose of categories.

I’ve recategorised this thread from Discussion to Cool Creations. Our Cool Creations category is where you want to post something you’ve created and if you’d like feedback on that work or just to showcase what you’re working on. The Discussion category is more for prompting active, thoughtful, open-ended discussion about things relevant to development on Roblox. Just so you know. :smiley:

Thread feedback aside, I think there are two things to consider here.

Regarding the sheet you’ve made: I think it looks great. If you’re a GFX artist, you might as well put your skills on display while making a sheet detailing your prices for commissions. I just think that the actual information that needs to be seen is a little too obscure and blends with the pink in the background. You really want to make those prices the focal and stand out, rather than blend in. They are more the focal of a commission sheet. You can always attach sample work as well, either on the sheet itself or in a related post that you might be making on a site featuring this image.

The other thing is less about the actual asset and more about the prices themselves. It’s completely your choice how you want to price your work, but I feel like you’re devaluing yourself to be putting effort into graphics for such low prices. It also has an adverse effect in case you want to raise prices in the future. As we’ve seen before, the Roblox community tends to be intolerant of having to pay for work, especially for decent or industry-standard rates.

That’s all I have, take this as you will. Good luck with your work and welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the feedback! I will take in consideration of raising my prices and making the text stand out! any suggestions on what the prices should be?

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I wouldn’t be the best person to ask that, I usually negotiate based on the artist’s prices rather than my own. Feels that I can get a conversation better rolling that way, since commissions are pretty big on negotiations for product and prices.

If you can find Roblox artist communities to ask these kinds of questions in, that’d be great. You could also take some inspiration from active designers who are accepting commissions. Check out our Portfolios category @ #collaboration:portfolios. You can see some artist portfolios who accept commissions and the type of work that can be expected for the base prices they set.


I am very interested to work with u, do u have discord?

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