GFX Composition tips needed, would appreciate some!

So lately i’ve been more into other parts of blender and now when im trying to make some roblox gfxes i get stuck on getting ideas and it overall just becomes boring for me.

I would like to get some tips from anyone who sees this so i can make stuff look more interesting, and to keep up my motivation.

My latest gfxes:


Unless this is like apart of the game, in my personal opinion, the water and sky just have a different quality than the character. But yeah, I would try and make it a bit more realistic instead of the colored look. Add some scenery like trees, rocks, houses (if it makes sense), and anything to fill up space.


In terms of ideas you can go on Pinterest type a topic then add the words “Concept Art” to the end of it and you can get some good ideas on what you want to make. After this you can get a bunch of images and put them on the PureRef app to organize different parts of the reference images you want to take and combine together.


Inside PureRef

For composition and improving overall here are my favorite videos:
Blender Guru Understanding Composition
Blender Guru Understanding Color
SouthernShotty Cinematic Camera Tips
Flow Studio Composition for Noobs