GFX designer/ 3D Modeler/ ugc | minitroPL's portfolio

Hello there! My name is minitro im 15 years old and i specialize in modeling, gfx and i also recently started learning sculpting. I have been learning and developing my skills for 1 year. i have worked with people like Bighead_StarCode, BitSquid and Zneakys.

here u can check out my best creations!




I am available between 1pm-8pm GMT+2 on sunday and saturday. in other days of the week im available on 4pm-8pm GMT+2 due to school.

I only accept payment via gamepass.
Thumbnail 1,500-2000R$
Icon/pfp 750-1000R$
Single model 500-1000R$
Character sculpture (currently not for sell)

commision status: open

You can contact me through discord minitro#0478 or via Twitter.

Thanks very much for reading!

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Really talented modeler and gfx designer. Worked with him before. Highly recommend hiring.

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If you´re looking for graphics, models and sculptures in Disney quality worth millions of robux but your budget is about a glass of water in America then minitro is the guy you’re looking for. He´s easy to talk to, delivers fast, can change stuff if you want him to and delivers in higher quality than you can imagine!

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