GFX Designer for hire!

Hi! I’m slap and I’m a teenage graphic designer! I’m very versatile when it comes to GFX.

I accept robux (R$) only. I’m not planning on accepting USD or any other forms of payment anytime soon.

My Previous Thumbnails

My Previous Icons

nixonia 4
onezo boba 3
1 british game icon gfx

Here’s my commission sheet so it’s easier for everyone to look at my work and prices!

If you want to inquire with me, feel free to shoot me a message at my discord slap#3074, my twitter, or here on this devforum post! I’m looking forward to business! Stay safe everyone! :smiley:


Hello! I would actually like to hire you. You can make very nice GFX’s for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, your Discord is not working so if you could please send me a friend request on Discord.

Username: TrxllingLament#5986

(just found your Discord)