gfx-Doctor strange-COMIC mythical world

thanks for everything guys and opinen,until my next gfx

can someone tell me where you can send this: image I want something similar


Looks great man very nice gfx you have made.

  1. I would add a face to Doctor Strange that. Would be a great to do that so other people can see that…

  2. I would suggest you try to remove those. Paint marks on the lava as you can see below image!



  1. I would fix that up, and add those details to the character face. And i would fix the texture up a little.

Great work man keep it up can’t wait. To see more of your gfx!!


You should’ve added his cape! The most important part of him.


Where’s the lighting coming from? I recommend learning realistic or learning lighting for whatever software your using, if its C4D use the Cloth tag for the cape to make it an actual model, kinda confused on where why and the lava’s coming from and lava doesn’t come in like scratches it comes it as chunks, add some red light around the edge of the character since lava produces light, and the sky to lava is messy make it a solid line between them. Other than that it looks good : D I like it and its creative!

In my opinion there are a few things to work on; bear with me here:

  • The quality of the stocks or backgrounds you’ve used vary like crazy and it doesn’t make visual sense (look at the sky vs the magma vs the path)

  • The islands in the back are higher quality than the one in the front which looks blurred, and that shouldn’t be happening

  • The perspective of the footpath doesn’t match that of the magma or Doctor Strange

  • The lighting doesn’t suit the scene; you’ve got a sunny sky with the sun on Strange’s right but there’s no hard shadow on his left. As well as that, the magma doesn’t seem to be affecting the footpath at all in terms of lighting, which it should (see the image below)

  • The spell circle stocks you used should cast light onto Doctor Strange and the surroundings in my opinion

For future reference, here’s a few things you should think about:

  1. Composition - Try following the rule of thirds so that people’s eyes are drawn to Strange, because as is its hard to know what you’re supposed to be focusing on as an onlooker.

  2. Colour - It’s unbelievably visually appealing when the colours of the graphic compliment each other, but as is its kind of a mishmash of blues, black, greys, reds, orange, etc.

  3. Image quality - Try to keep the image’s quality consistent and pleasing so that what happened in this gfx with the magma and pathway vs the sky doesn’t happen again (also a side note, you said 4K but you uploaded it as a 1920x1080 on twitter).

Hope you take all of this into consideration when you make your next gfx! Please don’t take my criticism as discouragement, I like that you regularly post your gfx so we can see it and help you out!