GFX feedback - BigmanlsCool GFX

Hey everyone, I recently made a personal artwork. I need feedback from you guys!
Took me around 30 minutes. :smile:


This looks like it was rendered with ambient occulasion or in eevee you should try rerendering the same render in cycles or without ambient occulasion.

Okay! Thanks for the feedback! :smile:

I don’t care what anyone says, this gfx is perfect. Change my mind, I dare you.

I think you should work on the texture positioning because it looks like you just went to a texture website and slapped them onto the model, making it look kinda random in positioning.

One thing can be edited. Make more effects like dust and etc, and also add shadows from people. It would make picture look better.

Try adding a bump map to the textures.

Okay! Thanks for the feedback! :smile:

Okay! I’ll put it next time, thanks! :smile:

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No problem dude! Keep up your work!

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The Lighting is too general, no shadows. Also the animations/Poses for the people seem rigid and lifeless. The map build looks bad as well, texturing from the floor seems off with the texturing quality of the wall, and roof. There’s also a lack of uniqueness on the creators own part, seems generic if you ask me.

Although it is up to personal taste so :smirk:

Don’t test me, I’ll bark at you. ;))