GFX Feedback | Game Designer Assistance Needed

I am working on becoming a GFX designer, but I cannot get used to Blender at all. I saw a tutorial on youtube on how to make a GFX without having to open roblox studio, blender or anything other than a few websites.

I am looking to also find someone that would be willing to teach me on how to be a game designer, meaning build games such as cafes, restaurants, etc as I would love to start up a commisions server - dm me on Discord if you could help my username is mxxsln

Let me know your thoughts!

This GFX was made for my Roblox Bakery!

Flaviez Bakery


This GFX looks great! Nice job on it!

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Icon looks pretty good. Though I would change the character on it as the icon itself utilizes bright colors and although the dark colors contrast with the bright, they don’t do so as tastefully. I would look for other clothing/accessories that would provide colors that contrast with the blue in a way that looks more appealing.

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I totally agree, I made this GFX using ROBLOX CATALOG and PHOTOPEA, I am trying to learn GFX so that I can start my own commissions server, but need to find someone to help me learn properly by using blender, or how to change avatar positions on roblox studio etc, as I know how to import avatars into RS, just not animate them!

If you know anyone, please can you let me know/if you are a GFX artist, would you help me?

I can teach you but it would start in a months time, some time like junes 20th.

discord - grandexostylx_42035 (i think) - message me on devforum if its wrong

the character dosent have enough lighting for the background, it does not even have one! But kind of liked the bakery logo is kind of great

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I used to use roblox studio and photoshop for GFX back in late 2020 because i didn’t know how to use blender.
However , I’d recommend you to learn blender and have someone teach it to you. It’s an amazing piece of software and it can help you a LOT in the future for making GFX.