GFX Feedback needed for new game

Hi everyone. I recently made some GFX designs for my new game (SCI-FI mixed with horror). Can I get some feedback as to what I can improve?



It’s great, but it needs work. The first two images are nice but from what I can see, there is not much lighting in the ship so the images should not be this bright. The light bars on the side should give off some light but not enough to lighten the whole inside.

The third image is wonderful, I can’t see much though. Last image definitely needs work done, there are white specks that don’t look great and there is a clear line where an image was placed on top of another.


Last 2 images is really good, (i mean planet GFX and GFX with text). Other Gfx (I’m sorry) looks awful like screenshot from roblox studio. Try make it darker or add more contrast


I agree with the other responses.

Me personally, when I think of GFX I think of cool effects. Kinda like the stars on the last one but more special effect-y (also why are the stars on the rocks… is it actually snow?)

The others lack… dynamics… I dunno how to put it. The first two look … flat? You need more focus on the main element of the shot: the person. Your character isn’t taking up enough of the frame. Make them take up more or less of the frame, depending on what you’re going for. Right now the character is competing with the other background elements to be the main focus. Do some research on Dynamic Photography Composition. (in the second one, the colors of the helmet and the background are too similar. Add some contrast!)

Also, you can’t tell the genre of the game based on the images. Sci-Fi? yes. Horror? not really. As the other reviews said, it is very bright. and right now it just looks like some character at a station, doing who knows what. There’s nothing that eludes to horror.

I think it’s nice- if you want to make it better you can listen to me, but you could also not and be just fine. :woman_shrugging:


I also agree with previous replies.

Try playing around with the pose of the character in the last photo, as well as lighting and camera position.