[GFX?] feedback needed!

hello everyone! this is my first post so if i broke any rules/did something wrong on this post please message me!

anyway, i tried making some stuff in studio, not sure if this is a “gfx”. i would like some feedback on it!

NOTE: I am aware that i used free models!



these are my first three.

credits for models

i felt like leaving credit, remember that al of these were free models in the toolbox, if they didn’t want people to use it they wouldn’t get the models in the toolbox
image 1:

skelt1573 for “red eye” (character)
chimmihc for “dome” (dome)
super86guy for “realistic cloud” (smoke effect)

Image 2:

camcool12345 for “street light”
knolque for “a wall with a hole” (wall with hole)
GiftsForYou for “epic face” (epic face decal)

Image 3:

MuYhEt for “m4a1” (left guy is holding)
ImNotAMurderer for “TurboFusion v4: SCAR-H Red Dot Sight” (middle guy holding)
ImNotAMurderer for "colt m1911A1 .45 ACP
Cristalderp for “sci fi hallway”
HalilKayraYT for “Sci-Fi door”
YourMelonLord for “sci fi wall”

You really need to work no your character posting and also work alot on skills, learning little building and lighting tricks will help you a lot. I’d recommend you watch some of model builder’s videos for this stuff.

Im still learning, these are my first three. thank you for your feedback!