GFX Feedback (New to GFX)

Hello! My name is Lightron12345. Recently, I’ve started using Blender and creating GFXs. Currently focusing on the Star Wars genre. I’m also new to the DevForum so if I posted this in the wrong section, please tell me.

Here are some of my work:

Current Work


Feedbacks, suggestions, advice would be highly appreciated! Also, free photo-editing software suggestions and how to make an image more high quality without altering its size sort of software will also help! (Currently using Canva and Pixlr E)


This is kinda nice but what did you did with canva and pixlrX? It looks like fully made in blender or roblox studio.


It looks interesting, I like what I see. Good luck. :wink:

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Let’s start with the first GFX asking to not steal it:

As you see, the looks great and the “NPCs” as well but there’s parts missing which is the materials in the area that they are in + the position of the lightnings that should focus in characters with the color red (make sure to not put big power for them cause I believe this can ruin a little bit) and the effects once you finish them and edit in a photo editor like the contrast, shadows and etc

Here’s a little bit of an example how it would look like a little bit (I used the lightning effects of iPhone in case you might ask):

The second GFX:

The environment looks a little bit good this time but still miss the things that I told in the first picture.

The position of the characters looks like they’re just pointing and walking with those pew pew things, try to make them with poses of action shooting the enemies.

The third GFX:

The background image looks a little bit good but need to be the sky of the battle place.

The characters are a little bit together but I understand that it’s because to fit in the camera so you should put shadows for them just to see how they’re making the pose otherwise it would be a little bit complicated to know if they have the parts of the body like the central one.

And let’s not forget about the good ol environment for the area of the GFX!

The final GFX:

Now I need to say that the sky looks very good and realistic for this one.

The poses looks weird except for the one that is almost going up and we wouldn’t see in the camera which looks a little bit good, but the “middle” one don’t make sense looking a little bit up since most of them are looking down and this buddy over there looks like he’s sitting in a invisible chair.

And again the environment missing with the rest of the effects and many others mentioned in the below GFXs.


The result is that you forget the environment, mostly the lightning, the effects and the poses. But I see that you have a good talent to make them but the only thing that you are not completing the X (X like the final) is those ideas that I told you.

If you put them with many efforts, you’re going to 100% finish it!

Keep doing a great work cause I believe that you will get very good at them soon


Its ok, but it is all bland, nothing interesting with the lighting and the poses. Try adding effects and less bland stuffs.


For some of them, I positioned it in Studio and other times I positioned it in Blender. Mostly, I use Pixlr snd Canva for special effects and backgrounds.

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Thanks for the suggestions and feedback! Really appreciated it!


Thank you for the feedback! I’ll try to make it less bland next time.

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Alr, i hope to see more great work from you in the future!


It’s pretty good, But it needs more lighting, maybe an better angle, yeah that’s all I can say Better then my first GFX.


It looks too bland. Add more effects in the design with gradients (For sunlight or any sort of light). And make the shadow a little bit more visible, and what I mean by a “little bit”, I actually mean a little bit.


Looks pretty good for just starting off. In the future you should probably do some research on how to make your lighting more realistic. Trust me, good lighting really makes your work stand out so it’s worth learning! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to improve my lighting skills!