[GFX] Feedback on my newest GFX

Hello! So I’ve recently made a GFX, I’m really proud of it and I wanna know what other think about it and some feedback

This one is with no effects:

With Effects:

Different Color Effects

Let me know which one you think is best and any feedback will be appreciated and I hope you have a great day!


2nd one is the best for me, in my opinion, the character is too glossy or shines too much especially on the arms, it eliminates the details on the shirt, but if that was what you’re going for, it’s okay I guess. Also, make the character bigger (closer to the ‘camera’), just like the 1st and the 3rd ones. I like the light border, which makes the image sticks out more, but not too much unlike the 3rd one. The overlay texture also helps out a bit with the detailing. Really love the lighting as well!


I think it’s pretty good! As @ryunvi said, the character is too glossy and the glare makes the shirt look like plastic. I still really like it though!
Are the effects just overlays?

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It’s really nice! One thing I’d add is the shine on the face, legs, and arm. It looks like the character has been glossed and varnished, which takes away the realism.

I’d also just like to ask, what happened to the hair in rendering? The lighting looks a bit filtered, like a ladder is standing over the light.

Great job!

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