[GFX] Feedback on my work!

Hello I am a cool boi from England I just want some quick feedback on this gfx I made. I don’t normally Make gfx this good and tbh it was a complete accident it turned out this good. What I want to know is how I could make it better and how I should be able to maintain such quality so I can get better commissions/raise my prices and make gfx for games I love etc.
(O yea I know there is no background to this I just didnt know wot to add)

**The graphics**

Your GFX, “noob gfx ez”, is pretty good…

yea I get bored so I just type out random names it makes it alot more entertaining tbh

WOAH. The brightness really hurts my eyes, lol.
Try toning it down a lil’, but overall it looks great!