Gfx Feedback? Thanks a lot!

Hello! So I am a sorta good Gfx artist imo, but I would really love feedback on some of my Gfx’s if you could give constructive criticism that would be amazing, thanks!

Thanks! :slight_smile:
I am very new on the Dev forums so tips on that would be nice


I like it, the GFX looks incredible!

I would like to comment on the first one though.
Is the one on the right wearing a shirt? Why is there a gun in the background? and also the left person’s face in light-blinded from light.

Really just fix those things in the first picture, and that’s all, looks great!

Btw, I really love the second picture, like it is one of the best GFX I’ve seen yet.


Thanks for the feedback! I will really consider them thanks!


In the first one you should eliminate the fences with the gun and the light that the person receives is too
The second is perfect, you do an incredible job

The overall lighting and use of material, used in both pieces of your designs are great, however the background and lighting in the first design, doesn’t seem match with the scene you could attach the gun to the back of the character to have a more well pleasing design, which is out of place and could be fixed a bit. I would try decreasing the lighting from shining on the players face.

In a design like this, try adding more to the scene you could expand the terrain to feature interesting background props. The first design lacks lighting and shadows, try to not only add lighting facing down on the characters make it reflect their shadows on certain parts such as the grass area.

Additionally, some litter or props on the ground or against the building would be a nice addition. However, I’d recommend adding something on the walls or flooring perhaps some stains or posters on the building walls to feature a more lifelike look.

The lighting is inconsistent for the first one but the grass is nice.
The lighting needs rework for the second but the area in general looks great!
also try to use a different sword because most swords don’t fit the hands of a robloxian well.

overall these are great. 8/10

Incredible. Not gonna lie, both of them are really good for a simulator/adventure game.

Feedback from me:

First picture

  • First robloxian from left needs to have distance between the second robloxian from left. Looks better that way tbh.
  • Second robloxian from left does not need a gun. It looks really odd because the position of the gun is quite inaccurate and also a bit weird.
  • Make taller grass. The grass is a bit too short for me.
  • Make outlines on the fence and trees, looks really bland without it.
  • Add a watermark!
  • Overall, I rate it a 8.25/10

Second picture

  • Have more zombies. It would be cooler if it had more.
  • Choose other gears for the 2 robloxians. Seems really bland (the current gear)
  • Have decorations in the walls, would love a bit more detail.
  • Overall, I rate it a 8.6/10

I really appreciate your work here, it’s really good, I hope you can make better GFX on this platform and become a popular and great GFX designer. Keep up with the really good work! :tada:

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Thanks a lot, I will try to do better next time!

Insane GFX, although on the first one there is a random gun in the background and a considerable amount of noise. I really like the second one as well.

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Thanks for the feedback! I will consider that as well

Looks actually quite good! How do you do the grass? Is it in Blender, Studio, or its own model? I do graphics in my free time and this would be useful to me. Don’t mind if you don’t respond or can’t tell me but just wondering.

Blender just search up a tutorial it only takes 5 or less mins

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Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for this for quite a while.